Tips and ideas for today’s B2B marketer

  • Clearly, we need more clarity

    For B2B marketing agencies, clarity and communications are everything. Read six tips from a veteran team of marketers about how you can improve communication with your agency partner and ensure great results.

  • How fast can you read this?

    You're not likely to ever really capture your audience's attention if your content isn't written for skim readers. Here's what you can do to make content faster to consume.

  • How not to use your messaging platform

    How should you use your messaging platform to develop marketing content? Very carefully, and not word for word. We explain why.

  • The forever reign

    Content remains king for effective B2B marketing programs. The secrets to successful copy are rather simple and the pitfalls are easily avoidable.

  • What to do when brainstorming goes bad

    Exercises to improve brainstorming sessions are plentiful. We've used several. What we found to work though goes well beyond just the activities to free the mind for a fuller pursuit of ideation.

  • Do landing pages need a new name?

    Landing pages are essential to the response rate of your B2B marketing programs. Yet marketers continue to ignore landing page fundamentals leading to diminished results.

  • Lies about the digitization of B2B marketing

    B2B marketing technology solutions hold great promise for marketers who are willing to embrace the hidden costs and understand what's required to make these solutions work.

  • We had that problem with fax blasts, too

    How to improve results with your new B2B marketing technology? It might require a refresh on the marketing fundamentals.

  • The best marketing question to ask

    The most important question to ask when building your B2B marketing program sounds like a simple one; however, the detail it unlocks leads to more thorough exploration of audiences, competitive advantages, and market opportunities.

  • How I learned to love B2B telemarketing

    The best way to use telemarketing in B2B is not as a one-time activity, but as a long-term lead generation or nurturing program, built on a solid database-marketing approach.

  • Virtual meeting connects 50 countries

    A global sales conference hosted in a virtual world with avatars not only saves money, it creates deeper engagement and learning by participants.

  • 99 amazing content marketing hubs

    Content is king. Sudden Impact Marketing is thrilled to have our Connected Futures project featured in the Marketing Insider Group's list of leading digital hubs. Check it out today.

  • From lead generation to sales results

    To create a steady flow of leads, and help convert those into sales opportunities, you need to make a long-term commitment to your marketing program. That's challenging for marketers who are already stretched thin with responsibilities and lack sufficient resources for such efforts.

  • Cisco, Intel partner on B2B magazine

    Unleashing IT uses the best of both print and digital to generate market awareness and leads as part of a joint marketing program by two B2B technology giants.

  • Founder Craig Conard called to B2B

    Our success is based on solving our clients' B2B marketing challenges. Get to know our founder and the guiding principles that have served us (and our clients) well for 20+ years.

  • Humor helps when marketing to CEOs

    The secret to delivering an effective sales message to CEOs? A little humor goes a long way. Get a veteran perspective on speaking to the CEO audience in this article for B2B professionals.

  • Database strategy for B2B companies

    A solid B2B marketing database strategy increases the success of placing sales people in front of prospects at the right time with the right offer. Here's how to start defining a database strategy to enhance your B2B sales.

  • Expert opinions: B2B lead generation

    There are three key ingredients to lead generation: technology, sales-marketing alignment, and branding/awareness. But which is more important than the others? B2B marketing experts share their choices and explain why.

  • How to determine marketing ROI

    Defining your annual marketing activities and budget requires understanding where your best leads are coming from and what they're costing you. However, it's not that simple.

  • Send your database to boot camp

    If your marketing database isn't producing the B2B lead generation results your business needs, there are six things you can do to increase the performance of the database.

  • Short-term gains, long-term wins

    How you measure, and increase, the success of your B2B lead generation programs requires looking at three key components. Each plays an essential role in the ongoing success of your campaigns.

  • Co-marketing: Where 1+1>2

    Cooperative marketing is a cost-effective way to amplify your message, extend your market reach, and boost your brand. It's also an approach that information-gathering B2B prospects appreciate.

  • Marketing your business

    Want to increase customer inquiries and sales opportunities? Then stop talking about yourself. Refocus your marketing message on what your prospects and customers really want to hear.

  • Fewer siloes equals better marketing

    The key to developing better individual marketers is to expose them to various sub-disciplines of marketing. This approach strengthens overall knowledge, creates an understanding of process dynamics, and increases workplace empathy.