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Marketing success is dependent on reaching your target audience across multiple channels, measuring engagement and intent, and providing timely follow up.

Campaign-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a consumption-based model that allows you to quickly set up and execute campaigns and access proven tools and expertise to configure and manage them. That way, you can avoid the upfront costs of the technologies, personnel, and learning curves that come with building your own.

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Why CaaS?

Three scenarios gave rise to the inspiration for CaaS:

  • Some of our customers didn’t have marketing technology tools
  • They had tools, but don’t have the resources to orchestrate them
  • Corporate teams had tools, but customer groups or divisions didn’t get support for their campaigns and initiatives

Our technology stack is the backbone of the CaaS offering, providing a comprehensive suite of marketing automation, database management, media management, analytics, integrations, and phone engagement technologies.

In a true Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) model we can wrap the technologies with veteran strategists, content creators, data acquisition and management teams and a phone engagement staff, all coordinated to execute every step and detail of a campaign in a synchronized fashion.

If your initiative is mission critical, and you can’t afford long delivery times and disjointed co-operation between internal service groups, our CaaS solution will carry the day.

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Our clients’ successes speak for themselves. See how we created winning CaaS programs for two of our technology and industrial clients:

Learn how we buttoned up Express for B2B success

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See how ABB got unstuck with CaaS

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“I can always count on the Sudden Impact team to develop the marketing strategies and tactics to fuel successful campaigns.”

Troy Hobson, Group Vice President,
A Leading Global Industrial Company

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