Channel Marketing

For growth, communications, enablement, and support, we’re in your corner

To increase sales volume through your channel program, you need profitable partners, high-quality leads, thorough partner training, and productive customer engagement.

That’s quite a list. But we stand in your corner ready to deliver all of it.

We pull all these elements together to generate more revenue for you and your partners. And we’ll show you how to prioritize them. That includes defining and delivering the services and support you’ll need.

At Sudden Impact Marketing, we’ve been working deep in the technology partner ecosystem for more than 20 years. From recruiting and nurturing channel partners to executing lead generation and sales-enablement programs.

We understand that organizations need to run lean to grow their channels in size and revenue. That’s where we come in. We know the language of partners, their motivations, and how to capture their mindshare. More importantly, we help ensure your solutions remain top of mind, increasing success—for you and them.

We offer high-impact solutions to address all areas of your channel program, such as:

  • Partner engagement
  • Partner recruitment
  • Partner onboarding and training
  • Partner sales enablement
  • Partner demand generation
  • Partner participation incentives

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