Demand Generation

Fundamentals—accelerated by marketing technology: A winning combination

Our approach to B2B lead generation is simple: combine the best database analytics, digital tactics, traditional techniques, and strategic personal engagement to yield a lower cost per lead and increase lead-to-sales opportunity conversion.

We partner with you to define the opportunities in your audience, create messaging that resonates with them, and engage your prospects through the best combination of communication mediums and channels.

And then we follow through—tracking lead sources through downstream MQL conversion, enabling analysis of which front-end marketing activities are converting to sales opportunities. That’s how we optimize your marketing spend and provide solid justification to your management.

The result is an effective, well-defined, lead generation system.

Our approach is rooted in marketing economics and based on four principals:

  • Define target prospects based on ROI potential
  • Weight effort and spend on targets, according to their potential lifetime value
  • Avoid spending money or energy on non-prospects
  • Persist with an on-going, singularly focused, systematic effort

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