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We support every detail around email marketing journeys—from crafting the message and story flow, to designing and developing the files, to executing the campaign and tracking results.

Because most people are viewing emails on their phones, we build responsive email designs that look great regardless of device, so your message or offer arrives as intended.

Before sending, we use a suite of tools to test each email across a variety of devices. Those test results iron out issues that might impact the reader. Other testing, such as spam testing, helps us ensure a better delivery rate.

We can produce emails in any file format you require, based on the intended use of your emails. For example, we can build portable files such as EML and OFT that field marketers and salespeople can send out from their individual accounts. Using this approach helps keep your messaging and brand consistent.

And we can deploy email campaigns within your marketing automation platforms, and help you get more from them, too. We’re happy to provide the components you need, send you HTML files you can easily load into your platform, create templates for future use, or work within your platform to build and execute email campaigns. Our testing process extends to marketing automation projects so we can ensure accurate delivery across email clients and devices.

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