Performance enhancing approaches to strengthen your marketing efforts

Our strategic consulting and research service combine a common-sense approach with veteran expertise in critical thinking and problem solving to give your brand a competitive advantage.

We believe that while quality execution of marketing programs is essential to positive outcomes, the path to success starts with an upfront investment in research, planning, and preparation.

Our targeted approach:

We deliver the right messages to the right audience through the right channels

For your messaging strategy to succeed, you need to know who you’re speaking to, what they care about, and how to reach them. You must also set an effective cadence for your communications with prospects. By carefully crafting the right series of touchpoints, your marketing efforts can capture mindshare and increase awareness without overwhelming your audience.

We investigate your audience’s beliefs, behaviors, and buying habits, including where they go to find information about solutions and service. That helps us develop customer profiles or archetypes that support a cohesive communication strategy.

Armed with that intelligence, we recommend the best channels or outlets to distribute your content, as well as the right mediums through which to tell your story. Most importantly, we orchestrate these elements to ensure that you are positioned uniformly, and your messaging is delivered consistently, across all points of customer engagement.

The Success Workshop:

Right from the start, we align our thinking with your business objectives

To better align our strategic thinking and creative execution with your business goals, and quantify the problem/challenge, we conduct a two-hour workshop with key stakeholders—engaging in an open, interactive dialogue to reach consensus on what success looks like.

Together we determine critical success factors and their related strategic imperatives. And we define the measurements that matter—your metrics for success. Finally, we outline when and where to engage with your customers most meaningfully and profitably.

The principal benefit of this engagement is the assurance that all strategies and tactics proposed and developed are intentionally aligned with your most desirable business outcomes.

B2B Market Research:

We derive rich insights by blending quantitative and qualitative testing

Finding clarity about how to target and communicate with decision makers and influencers in the B2B space is difficult.

Professionally conducted research enhances your understanding of market segments and customers, and it informs how your business can best deliver its message or refine its approach.

Our strategy team conducts investigations, performs analysis, and synthesizes our findings and recommendations to guide our clients strategic thinking, inform tactical execution, and influence creative exploration.

Our quantitative research allows us to:

  • Collect measurable and numeric input that helps guide key business decisions.
  • Objectively evaluate ideas, approaches, positioning, and messaging.
  • Validate assumptions and hypotheses, and measure actions with the highest propensity to deliver on brand goals.

Our qualitative research allows us to:

  • Understand the target audience’s subjective perceptions, opinions, and responses, and probe deeper into their thinking.
  • Observe and interpret audience reactions and responses to ideas, approaches, positioning, and messaging.
  • Gain insights into audience perceptions, opinions, preferences, and motivations to better understand the actions they will take.

We synthesize the aggregated qualitative and quantitative data from these efforts—exploring all applicable heuristics and cognitive biases that affect critical thinking—to understand customer beliefs and behaviors and extract actionable insights.

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Positioning, Messaging, and Communication Strategies:

We ensure that your voice is clear, your position is distinctive, and your message resonates

Our approach divines the necessary nuance and context that distinguishes your position within your marketplace. And we ensure your messaging gets delivered in a concise, powerful, and meaningful way.

We immerse ourselves in your world so we can tell the story with confidence and real-life details. Our information gathering activities include stakeholder interviews, website and asset audits, competitive intelligence and situational analyses, industry associations and publications exploration, and facilitating Executive Positioning Workshops.

Executive Positioning Workshop

We actively engage with your team to extract actionable insights to help establish your brand and defend it against competitive intrusion

Our 3 to 4-hour, live working session includes perception mapping and a professionally guided, highly interactive discussion to determine the qualities of the marketplace, target audience characteristics, pain points, care-abouts, and the attitudes and perceptions surrounding your brand, its solutions, key differentiators, and the emotions behind them.

This approach allows us to establish positioning for your brand that is recognizable, attractive, and trustworthy; differentiate your brand within the ecosystem in which you do business; and defend your brand against competitive intrusion—both current and future. And it guides the development of your messaging platform, told from a customer benefit-focused perspective, which is clear, distinctive, and memorable.

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