3Bar Biologics Case Study

Big results for microbe manufacturing start-up

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3Bar Biologics, a microbe delivery and manufacturing start-up, is in business to help farmers increase their yields. To grow awareness and demand for their proprietary technology—and their burgeoning company—they partnered with us.

Read our case study to discover how our Campaign-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution helped 3Bar grow more business opportunity by planting the company as the leader in agricultural microbial delivery.

The Challenge

Develop a high-impact marketing strategy and establish a clear identity that presents value to customers while overcoming misconceptions related to performance, cost, and storage.

The Results

Increased website traffic by


Improved site health score by


Improved site speed score by


Generated impressions and 164 clicks across LinkedIn


Generated over 1 million impressions, over 60% site traffic


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