Three Great Lies About the Digitization of B2B Marketing

Our new position paper shares our perspective on marketing fundamentals in the digital age and the shortcomings of new automation technologies.

New marketing tools and technologies seem to appear every day, promising fantastic results. Yet, somehow, the cost of marketing qualified leads is rising in many industries and things aren’t getting any easier for marketers.


Our new position paper, The Three Great Lies about the Digitization of B2B Marketing, shares our perspective: from the shortcomings of automation solutions for the tech and industrial space to the core marketing fundamentals that even the power of digital tools can’t change.

You can read the paper today here.

Simply put, generating great B2B marketing results is often a tough feat. It’s easy to get lost in the ever-growing number of tools and capabilities to choose from.

The reality is that there isn’t going to be a single group of tools that will be your end-all-be-all marketing solution. We challenge you to overcome the complexities of digital marketing with us—let’s start here.

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