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Keeping small to midsized customer from falling through the cracks

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STAC Software Solutions (formerly known as Wonderware West) is a regional distributor and select partner for AVEVA—a global leader in industrial software.

STAC helps customers modernize, orchestrate, and implement software solutions for real-time operations management. They support their customers’ efforts from technology to training—to optimize operations, transform businesses, and unlock value from the enterprise to the edge.

STAC Software Solutions serves customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

The challenge

STAC customer software needs to be continually updated to keep pace with new versions, security enhancements, changes in the operating environment, and technical advances. Consequently, customers who are not diligent in staying on top of these liquid environments risk the loss of the promise of efficiencies, or worse.

STAC provides hands-on attention to their largest clients, enabling their modernization efforts and refresh cycles, but they lack the bandwidth to personally engage with their small- to mid-level customers.

Compounding this challenge, their internal sales and marketing database had holes in information—on both product and contact details.

For STAC, this represented a risk in underserving their client base, which was unacceptable.

The solution

Sudden Impact Marketing (SIM) deployed its internal personal engagement phone team to call and collect information around prospective at-risk clients who would benefit from a software refresh

SIM received a list of over 600 unique small to midsized businesses to contact. The provided information included company name and location, but no contact information—neither email addresses nor phone numbers.

The team also received information on costs for modernization according to the installed base. This effort used a time-bound (end-of-year) 50% cost savings offer to increase awareness, command attention, and drive engagement.

The results

During this personal engagement campaign, SIM directly dialed into each respective location, probing to find the right contact for prospecting the software modernization effort.

This produced the following metrics and measures of success:










In opportunities generated
($568k at the 50% markdown)

Future directions

To maintain consistency and ensure campaign continuity, a similar engagement approach is being applied across the business into other customer-facing product and service programs, enabling greater reach into this installed base market and ensuring continued business from small to midsized customers.

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