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We created a mobile app for caregivers that only shows them their patient’s appointments and addresses. Once they reach the geo-fenced location, the appointment starts and they must take a photo to verify their identity. They then fill out a form on the app and submit it.

We also developed a matching algorithm that pairs patients with caregivers based on their preferences and availability. Patients, caregivers, administrators, and agencies all have access to the system.

Insurance claims are automatically processed by integrating with settlement agencies and submitting cases within 24 hours.

The app is hosted in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment where even developers and support staff do not have access to the database. Data is collected on standard HL7 forms and insurance claims are submitted in industry-standard formats.

The app also automatically displays the appropriate forms based on appointment type, so caregivers don’t have to carry around a lot of paperwork.

The Situation

Our client needed a solution to track home healthcare visits, match nurses with clients, and streamline the insurance claims process while maintaining HIPAA compliance for secure patient information.

The Results

The table above was automated by the software with zero human intervention.

A match score was displayed next to the care giver name. While booking the agency, each patient could choose the caregiver with the highest score.

Based on the appointment type, the appropriate OASIS HL7 would automatically show on the app, preventing the caregiver from carrying a bundle of paperwork and figuring out which one to use for which patient.

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