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Knowledgeable conversations with your target audience by business professionals

  • Our services:
  • Lead Generation,
  • Database Building,
  • Nurturing,
  • Event Support,
  • Surveys,
  • Appointment Setting
One-to-one communication

You won’t find our unique brand of phone marketing anywhere else

Our approach to telemarketing is different: from the way we operate to the people who make the calls.

Our team is U.S. based and consists of seasoned business professionals from a variety of industries. We combine proven database marketing practices with lead generation expertise and a deep knowledge of B2B to create opportunities for your business.

  • We don’t believe in scripts. We train our team to create personal engagement with prospects.
  • We don’t use auto dialer systems. They skip over viable prospects because the prospects simply didn’t answer the phone.
  • We don’t quit with an unanswered call. We can still generate activity.
  • We don’t have a boiler room mentality. That telemarketing approach doesn’t produce long-term success for clients.

You get the full value of every call

Most telemarketing companies submit only leads or appointments that meet the minimum criteria—and then walk away.

We do more than deliver qualified leads that have a genuine interest in talking to salespeople. We believe in harnessing the value of every call.

  • If the contact isn’t the correct person for your solution, we find out who is.
  • If a contact isn’t interested in your solution, we probe to understand why.
  • We determine who replaced a contact in a target company and reach out to that person.

At the end of the day, our clients benefit from greater intelligence and more accurate information about prospects and their interest level.

Our B2B telemarketing services include:

  • Lead generation: These product- or solution-focused efforts identify opportunities and verify that prospects meet your criteria. The intent is to ensure your sales team maximizes results by only working viable opportunities.
  • Lead nurturing: We increase the value of your leads by deepening relationships with prospects so when they are ready to buy, you’re at the top of their mind. Nurturing campaigns generate a lower cost per MQL (marketing qualified lead) than front-end campaigns.
  • Event marketing: We raise registration numbers and attendance for virtual and physical events, such as trade shows, conferences, webinars, and lunch and learns.
  • Surveys and market research: We discover what prospects and customers care about, the challenges they’re facing, and what you can do to help.
  • Database building: We identify influencers and decision-makers in target companies and clean up sales and marketing databases to improve campaign performance.
  • Appointment setting: We speak with prospects to schedule meetings and consultations. These efforts are ‘door openers’ aimed at gaining access to high-level decision-makers in strategic accounts.
  • Channel relationships: Our team works with your channel partners: from on-boarding new ones to providing support for co-marketing sales efforts.

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Or read on to learn how our approach to telemarketing could be the fix you’ve been needing for your marketing programs.

When executed correctly, telemarketing is still one of the most effective B2B marketing tools

In an era of ever-increasing digital communications channels, we believe there’s no more powerful medium than the personal conversation. It’s the purest form of one-to-one communication.

The quality of that conversation starts with the telemarketing team you choose to employ. Moving prospects along the B2B buying process via phone requires the right kind of caller. They need to understand the world of executive decision-makers and technical challenges—anything less and the conversation simply falls flat.

The profile of our callers is different than the typical telemarketer. Our U.S.-based team consists of educated, professional career people who want to stay in the business arena, but no longer want 50-hour work weeks.

This diverse team brings a bevy of perspectives and professional backgrounds to the task. And that translates into engaging, relevant, and thoughtful campaigns for you.

How we create personal engagement

We do not hire “smile and dial” telemarketers. Instead, we seek out people with backgrounds in IT, healthcare, government, marketing, sales, and other professional fields and disciplines. We hire people who are used to working directly with management and executives from their prior professional lives.

Our callers offer a smart, dynamic conversation during each phone encounter. This is possible because we use conversation guides and background briefs rather than scripts. Your audience is savvy enough to know when a caller is following a script, which signals that the caller likely doesn’t know the subject matter they’re presenting. It fails the first impression test and can easily be dismissed with a “thanks, but no thanks.”

Scripts cost you more than the opportunity for a positive personal engagement: they hinder the caller’s ability to gather insights. Only a true conversation can do that. Each call has the potential to produce details that form the basis of business intelligence about solution perceptions, emerging customer challenges, or purchase influencers.

What we gather during a conversation is invaluable intelligence for sales, product, and marketing teams, and more so to the campaign you are running. Knowing how a prospect responds to a message or offer is one thing. Having the ability to react in real time is key to achieving a stronger return on your investment. You can shift messages on the fly to ones that are being better received by other prospects. Or you can retarget titles to ones that are more likely to be interested in your solution.

Whatever your goal, we can help.

Dynamic human interactions

Acquire new leads

Our approach finds the right contact and combines it with firsthand intelligence to produce high-quality leads that in turn enable smarter sales planning.

Account growth checklist

Penetrate accounts

More deeply mine your installed customer base to create opportunities in “quiet” accounts or upsell/cross-sell within active ones.

Sales funnel

Convert leads to opportunities

Your lead generation efforts may be creating volume, but email nurturing alone won’t produce the number of qualified opportunities you need. Our approach uncovers where your best leads are coming from and refines your front-end spend to optimize conversion.

Effective lead generation using telemarketing is not a one-time activity

While a call effort can boost responses such as driving attendance to an event, B2B telemarketing is best used for long-term efforts, built on a solid database marketing approach.

The true value of implementing telemarketing into your marketing strategy is realized when you move your single campaign into a full-fledged, highly productive lead generation system.

Such a system can produce higher returns and long-term success. For it to be profitable, it needs to:

  • Be built on a database
  • Have tightly defined lead criteria
  • Include hot-opportunity handoff and issue escalation processes
  • Use a team trained in the subject matter, program goals, and customer pain points

With those requirements in place, B2B telemarketing is highly effective for penetrating organizations and determining who has a need for your solution. This takes time and effort. Roles change in organizations, people leave companies, and the circle of influencers can expand or shift.

During a call campaign, opportunities that fit the lead qualification criteria are identified and submitted for sales action. Sometimes this can happen almost immediately. Other times it takes longer. Regardless of when this happens, this is the point when many companies halt the campaign and work the leads that have been produced. This is a mistake—because there is tremendous value in all contacts gathered or updated.

Those contacts who don’t meet the current qualification criteria could later. We’ve seen lukewarm/cool prospects eventually turn into hot opportunities—at an up to 50% conversion rate. It’s why a nurturing strategy can pay dividends.

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Want to truly connect with customers?

How does a nurturing program work?

Nurturing keeps your solution front and center with prospects as they move through the buying process.

We start by creating a content library and mapping nurturing activities to the different phases of the buying process. Contacts who don’t meet the desired qualification criteria are placed in a system designed to further educate them through offers and information until they’re ready to purchase.

Contacts will turn into qualified leads, while others will be removed from the list as non-viable prospects. You reduce your cost per lead by avoiding costs for new lead acquisition efforts. Remember: at some level, these leads were interested in your offer, which means many of them could become customers in the near future.

A lead nurturing approach also ensures you are frequently cleaning and updating your database. Through the process you will add more contacts, creating new opportunities for your sales efforts. You will also eliminate contacts that are no longer at a company or in a decision-making role.

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Marketing team solving complex B2B challenge

What to expect when working with our team

With Sudden Impact Marketing, you get a veteran point of view and expertise to help form successful lead generation strategies. We’ve been serving clients for more than 20 years and have executed a wide range of programs.

Throughout a campaign, our account team works directly with our telemarketing team. Account executives create detailed program briefs, focused on where your products and services intersect with prospect pain points. Part of this brief outlines conversation objectives: what we want to learn and convey through our engagement with prospects. Our focus is on how we can help prospects solve business problems, and our team applies proven conversation tactics to create engagement.

You always know what’s happening with your campaign

Essential to every telemarketing campaign is the fluid movement of information. We employ web conferencing, IM, email, and conference calls for training, collaboration, and client communications. We manage all projects through a purpose-built application, called SILeadspace. It includes a client portal and can be configured to accept and pass data to your CRM or other business systems.

We’re constantly perfecting programs

Our management team pays close attention to the performance of campaigns in real time. We examine metrics at individual and campaign levels, allowing us to move team members on or off or between campaigns to produce better results.

We also review positive and negative result records to make campaign adjustments. Many times, recommendations to improve a campaign start with our callers. Because they aren’t tied to a script, they ask questions that probe responses. Those discovery questions help reveal insights that directly impact the call strategy.

Read our FAQs to learn more about working with us.

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