Do landing pages need a new name?

Here’s what I learned recently about landing pages that changed my perception.

A landing page is not your homepage. Or a copy-heavy product page. Or a witty about us page.

Truly, a landing page is simply the home for your CTA (call to action).

This got me thinking: Could we assign a better name to the landing page to make its purpose and value more clear?

Here’s what I’d like to propose...

Let’s call them action pages. Because what these pages really try to do is get the audience to take an action, such as sign up for an offer or download an asset.

If your audience doesn’t take action, then what’s preventing it? Here are some tips to help your landing page get the positive results you desire:

Remove all distractions

This is not the time for animated pieces and parts and sales gimmicks. Remove any text and images that could distract people from the CTA. Make it obvious what you want them to do.

The headline is key

Headlines must be compelling and clear—and quickly grab today’s itty-bitty Internet attention spans. Your goal is to instantly answer why it is worth someone’s time to be on your page.

Lights, camera, action

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A video? Well, I’m a marketer, not a math guy. If you have to provide a deeper explanation or need a little more information to encourage the action, use video. Short video.

Focus on what your audience really cares about

Why should someone respond to your CTA? Remember, it’s all about how your offering solves the customer’s problem. Many companies spend too much time talking about the nitty-gritty details of their solution—and it often gets in the way of explaining how they’re going to solve their audience’s challenges.

In the end, it’s what you do with the landing page, not what you call it

Okay, the action page name probably isn’t going to catch on. However, rethinking what you’re doing with your landing pages could help you convince prospects to respond more frequently.

Assuming you’re targeting the right audience from the start, that is. That’s an entirely different discussion, but one that should be had before you even talk about your action landing pages.