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What can great content do for your marketing efforts?

Our B2B marketing content services—including messaging, copywriting, editing, and design—create effective assets that say the right thing, to the right the audience, in a way that resonates with them.

With so much noise vying for your customers’ attention, we built our services around the philosophy that you need to speak directly to your customers’ pain points and priorities to inspire action. Show them that you understand their world and their challenges, while you demonstrate how you can solve their problems.

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Great content is relatable content, because relatable content gets results

Good marketing content tells a story. Great content tells a story that instantly reveals why prospects should care about your solutions and services.

Today’s customers are inundated with information and advertising—in fact, you probably saw ten ads on your way to this page.

The focus must be on your audience, always:

  • What do they care about?
  • How can you help them?
  • When you strip away the hype, what are you truly offering them?

Our job is to boil down your brand’s story or solution’s message into its most essential—and effective—form. The role of B2B marketing content is to transform intimidating complexity into instantly clear simplicity.

How to focus B2B copywriting

  1. Clearly define the problem you’re solving. Too often marketers settle on the first solution they come to when defining a customer’s problems. Go deeper in your analysis. When you do, you’ll find a message that resonates with customers on a more emotional level—and that’s often a simpler story to tell.
  2. Focus on one message. The tell-tale sign that you’re off track is when you start adding messages to your main one. When one becomes many, you’re competing against yourself for a customer’s attention instead of against the competition.
  3. Put yourself last. Yes, you need to tell customers about your service or solution, but only after you’ve clearly established which of their problems you can solve. Then you tell them how and what you are solving it with. Many businesses still do this backwards: name the solution, explain how it works, and then try to tell the customer why they should care.
  4. Think like an outsider. Being close to a product, service, or your company mission can blind you to how customers perceive your message. Step away from that world and ask: does this make sense? Is it of any value? Is it obvious why someone should care to learn more?
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Content expert crafts compelling narrative

How we bring your B2B messaging and content strategy to life

Content is where all those long hours poured into creative briefs and strategy briefs pays off.

A carefully crafted message with an overarching theme and story is essential in all marketing communications. We take care in ensuring your story gets told consistently throughout different marketing assets in an effective and easy-to-follow fashion.

The first step in our commitment to you: understanding your business

We’re comfortable speaking directly to your subject matter experts and deep diving into solution details. Working in the industrial and technology spaces for more than 20 years gives us the background and foundational knowledge to get up to speed quickly and ask the right questions of your product, sales, and marketing teams.

We strip away the hype and jargon to speak the language your customers and prospects use every day. Doing so helps them to quickly understand the benefits of what you’re selling.

We build on your brand, not break it

We work closely with both internal messaging teams and our own strategy experts to deliver fresh, compelling copy that’s aligned with corporate or solution branding, whichever is the most appropriate. We’re also happy to involve legal and compliance departments, plus anyone else who needs to be part of the creative review process.

We believe that brands are living, breathing things: they’re, quite literally, how your customers know you. Good execution of brand strategy doesn’t just sound the same—it all feels the same. Like you’re talking with the same friend, just on a different day, in a different mood. Sometimes they’re very serious. Sometimes they’re more lighthearted. But they’re always them.

Bringing a brand to life in a way that customers believe requires much more than echoing previous marketing messages. It’s about understanding what makes you you, and bringing it to life in the right way. That’s what we strive for on every project.

The best content moves the sales needle

Producing content is great—but you need to make sure it can support your sales team throughout the sales cycle. As customers move through the stages of the buying process, they require different information to keep moving forward.

Every piece of content that we build is created with the buying process in mind, from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom. Where does this piece fit in? What will prospects want to know at this point in their decision-making process?

It’s called a customer journey for a good reason. They come a long way in the process: from barely realizing they need to explore new directions to being convinced they need your solution.

It’s not enough though to just say what they need to hear at a certain stage. You must help move them along the journey, so they feel confident, informed, and ready to buy.

Our approach is to create a flow of information that builds the momentum by teasing, revealing, and highlighting different parts of your marketing message at the different stages. That way, customers don’t get bored of seeing the same message over and over, but become more educated about how your solution helps them.

We’ll select the right communication vehicles to support your content marketing strategy

Simply put, content must be optimized for the medium it’s going to exist in. The way you approach telling a story in an email is radically different from a brochure. We can work with your team to develop a content marketing strategy that addresses the mediums and channels for distribution and promotion.

Different pieces of content have different goals, such as lead generation, awareness, or thought leadership. These goals are all best served by different mediums—like an infographic, a video, or a quiz. We can help you determine what your goals are, and help you pick the right medium to achieve them.

Then we examine all possible channels to determine how best to get that content into prospects and customers hands.

The five commandments of effective marketing content

  1. Be clear
  2. Ensure relevance
  3. Focus on inspiring action
  4. Use the right medium
  5. Never be boring
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Creativity is more than copy and design, it’s about how we solve the problem

While some hear the word creativity and brace themselves for an out-there, never-going-to-fly marketing campaign, we believe that having some fun while remaining on-brand can be great for your marketing results.

Plus, to us, creativity doesn’t mean rocket ships and cat pictures: it means finding fresh ways to approach your company’s story or a new way to present information. It means finding a new perspective that illuminates the value of your offering, or a previously untouched angle that competitors have yet to uncover.

Part of our job is helping your team determine when it’s time to do something amusing or unexpected—and when it’s time to adhere to the business basics. We’re committed to injecting your projects with the right kind of creativity, from engaging themes to digital innovation—so that they pop off the screen or the page and stick in your customers’ minds.

When it comes to concepts, we believe in offering options and letting you see the numerous ways any given marketing campaign could be executed.

Our creative process is built for speed and quality

Creative ideation workflow

Explore possibilities with concepts and prototypes to find the right approach.

Marketing copy being developed

Write the initial draft—get the big ideas and general structure in place.

Editing process aligning to key goals

Edit to perfection, ensuring alignment with KPIs and overall strategy.

Design hitting high marks

Design and refine until we’ve created user-friendly, engaging content.

Our team of account executives, copywriters, editors, designers, and programmers use a highly collaborative process to streamline development and strive for maximum outcomes. We work together through all stages of the project to ensure alignment. And we’re constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and improve throughout the process.

We keep you looped into what we’re doing, every step of the way, so you have full visibility and can provide input on the creative development.

As creatives, we love the fundamentals and the tried-and-true basics. We use these as our guide in uncharted territories, and as a basic checklist to ensure everything we do works. That said, technology is always changing, and we stay on top of it to provide best-practice recommendations and cutting-edge work.

We stay abreast of emerging design, digital, and copy trends to ensure we can deliver modern work that’s rooted in proven methods. And we’re ready to make recommendations about which new trends and marketing technologies are right for you and which to avoid. The wrong approach to marketing technology can hamstring a campaign or create serious budget or timing issues. It’s critical to make the right determination upfront.

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